Woman Receives 20-year Sentence for Killing Boyfriend Over Cell Phone

For Immediate Release
April 20, 2010
For more information, please contact
Michael Guest at (601) 825-1472

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Lisa Maria Prince was sentenced to 20 years in prison for manslaughter in the stabbing death of her boyfriend of eight years.

On January 20, 2009, in Rankin County, a man approached officers in the parking lot of the Richland Police Department and led them to his vehicle, where officers found the victim’s body covered in blood. AMR was called, but they were unable to revive the victim. The victim was identified as Roderick Burns.

The witness who drove Burns to the police department told officers that he was a friend of the victim and that the victim flagged him down and asked him for help. The victim informed the driver that he had been stabbed by his girl friend Lisa Prince. The witness gave law enforcement officials the address where the victim and Prince lived.

Officers went to the address and when they entered the residence they observed a knife with blood on it. Officers then proceeded to the bedroom, where they found the suspect, Lisa Maria Prince, lying down with the comforter pulled over her head. Prince was asked to come to the police station for questioning regarding her boyfriend’s death.

At the police department she agreed to speak with law enforcement about the death of Burns. During the interview Prince changed her story several times, but did admit to stabbing her boyfriend. She also admitted to having stabbed him on a prior occasion. Witnesses interviewed that night stated that the two often argued, and that officers had been to the residence previously regarding domestic violence.

Prince told officers that she and Burns began argued over a cell phone, and that she stabbed him. She stated that the man who drove him away and brought him to the police department had been at the house to purchase drugs from the victim.

Guest stated, “Lisa Prince stabbed the victim twice and he lost his life for a something as trivial as a cellular phone.” Guest added, “This senseless loss of life shows that drugs are often at the root of many of our violent crimes, and reinforces why we have to continue our war on drugs.”

Guest concluded, “I commend the Richland Police Department for their outstanding investigation. Their hard work produced both a confession from Prince and the weapon used to kill Burns. The citizens of Richland should be proud of the outstanding law enforcement officers who protect them on a daily basis.”