Violent Habitual Offender Receives Life without the Possibility of Parole

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today Fabiyonne Kentell Peel was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole after a jury found him guilty of house burglary, auto theft and conspiracy to commit burglary.  Peel is now in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.  Peel has past convictions and is a violent habitual offender.

On January 10, 2016, the Ridgeland Police Department responded to an apartment complex after one of the occupants saw three unknown men exiting the residence.  It was discovered that a purse containing several hundred dollars in cash, an IPad, several bank cards and the keys to a Dodge Charger were also stolen.  Once the men left the apartment they then stole the Dodge Charger from the parking lot of the apartment complex.

Ridgeland Police Department was able to determine that one of the stolen credit cards was used at a local store to purchase shoes and were able to retrieve video of the transaction.  From the video, police were able to develop a suspect and a warrant was issued for his arrest.   He was later arrested and admitted to using the cards but denied stealing any of the property.  He advised law enforcement that Peel was one of the individuals who had taken the property and he was the ringleader and had organized the burglary of the apartment.

Investigators were able to get the address for Peel and another suspect involved in the burglary.  Warrants were signed by the Judge and investigators went to a home in Jackson to arrest the suspects.  Officers knocked on the door to no avail.  Officers saw someone looking through the blinds but they refused to come to the door.  Law enforcement then entered the home where they found Peel covered up with clothes and a blanket in an attempt to hide from the police.  As officers searched the house they were able to find the stolen IPad that matched the serial number provided by the owner.

Peel and another individual were arrested and transported to the Madison County Detention Center.  While in jail Peel made a recorded phone call where he told another individual that Stephanie Mejia was “snitching” and someone needed to take care of her.  Mejia was shot and killed in Jackson later that same day.

Guest stated, “This case is an example of outstanding police work and cooperation of several different law enforcement agencies working together to bring Peel to justice.  The Ridgeland Police Department, the Madison County Sheriff’s office, and the Jackson Police Department should be congratulated on a job well done.”

Guested continued, “This case is an important reminder of the need to keep habitual offenders behind bars.  Peel is a very dangerous man, who was the mastermind of the robbery, and who when caught had no problem trying to cover his tracks and the tracks of his co-defendants by having Mejia killed.  Because he is a violent habitual offender he will now spend the rest of his life behind bars as punishment for his crimes.”

Guest concluded, “I want to give a special thank you to Investigator Charlie Rubisoff and the Attorney General’s Office for their assistance in this case.  The AG’s Office was able to download and analyze electronic information that was critical in us being able to present evidence to the jury showing how the defendants were working in concert together and also placing Peel in the area of the burglary.”

Peel has four prior felony convictions.  He has been convicted of receiving stolen property and three counts of burglary of a dwelling in 2011.  He was on probation for these convictions at the time of the new crime.

District Attorney Michael Guest was sworn into office in January 2008 and represents the Twentieth Judicial District, Madison and Rankin Counties.  For more information regarding the District Attorney’s office, follow us on Facebook, download our app or please visit



Name:                          Fabiyonne Kentell Peel

Address:                       110 Pine Knoll Drive, Ridgeland

Date of Birth:               January 8, 1982