Two Drug Dealers Receive 25-year Sentences and $100,000 Fines

For Immediate Release
March 12, 2009
For more information, please contact
Michael Guest at (601) 825-1472

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Calvin P. Shelton, Jr. and Reginald Shelton both received a 25-year sentence and a $100,000 fine after being found guilty by a Madison County Jury in January for possession of approximately 25 pounds of marijuana. Five years will be suspended.

Guest stated, “The Marijuana seized had a street value of more than $25,000 and because of the outstanding work of the Madison County Sheriff’s department the dope is now off of the street.”

Guest concluded, “Both of the Shelton brothers have been arrested numerous times for crimes in different states, but their criminal careers have come to an end in Madison County, Mississippi. I cannot thank the jury enough for their outstanding service to the people of Madison County”

On February 20, 2006, Madison County Deputy Sheriff Robbie Sanders noticed that the car one of the brothers was driving could not maintain a single lane and he conducted a traffic stop for careless driving. Deputy Sanders approached the vehicle and informed the occupants of the reason for the stop and asked the driver for his license. The deputy noticed that both brothers were extremely nervous and gave conflicting stories about their travel plans.

The deputy asked the driver, Calvin Shelton, to exit the car.

The deputy observed a large amount of cash in the front pocket of the driver and questioned Shelton about it. Based upon the facts of the stop and the information the deputy received, Shelton was asked for permission to search his car. Shelton denied the request.

Upon his denial, a K-9 unit was walked around the exterior of the car and alerted the deputy to the trunk of the vehicle. The deputy then searched the car and found a duffle bag with 25 pounds of marijuana wrapped in zip lock bags. The Shelton brothers were arrested.

Both brothers had previously been arrested in other states. Calvin Shelton had two arrests in Georgia for drug possession and he also had previously been arrested for child abandonment and for violation of probation. Reginald Shelton had been previously arrested twice for drug possession in Ohio.