Two Defendants Sentenced for Robber of Members Exchange Credit Union in Ridgeland

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Kenyatta McGee and Olivia “Libby” Walker were sentenced last week for their involvement in the robbery of the Members Exchange Credit Union in Ridgeland.

McGee pled guilty to robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit robbery and received a sentence of 50 years. The last fifteen year of the sentence was suspended. Walker pled guilty to robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery and was sentenced to serve 20 years. The last five years of her sentence was suspended.

On September 24, 2013, shortly after closing, McGee entered the back door of Members Exchange Credit Union. McGee then restrained the two employees with handcuffs and duct tape and began spraying black spray paint over the video cameras located throughout the bank. McGee ordered the employees to unlock the bank vault. Once in the vault, McGee loaded a large amount of United States currency into several bags. McGee then locked the employees in the vault and left the bank.

One of the bank employees was able to get free from her restraints and called 911. Ridgeland Police Department arrived moments later and freed the employees. Investigators took statements from the two employees and collected evidence left at the scene.

Police were able to determine that handcuffs used to restrain the employees could only be purchased at a few stores in the metro area. Investigators were able to recover video from one of the stores showing McGee and Walker purchasing several pairs of handcuffs a few days before the robbery.

Walker was one of the victims and was the head teller on duty at the time of the robbery. Walker was re-interviewed by law enforcement and confessed to planning the robbery with McGee, her boyfriend.

A warrant was issued for McGee but he had already fled the area. Ridgeland Police, working with the United States Marshall Service, was able to track McGee to a residence in Gainesville, Florida. The United States Marshall Service and the Gainesville Police Department executed a search warrant of the residence and located McGee and a large black suitcase containing the stolen currency from the Members Exchange Credit Union.

Guest stated, “Walker was able to use her position as an employee of the bank to help her boyfriend, McGee, plan and carry out the robbery. McGee and Walker believed they had committed the perfect crime, but things would quickly come to an end once the Ridgeland Police began their investigation.”

Guest added, “The Ridgeland Police Department did an outstanding job of uncovering the truth of what happened at the Members Credit Union. Their hard work, along with the assistance of the United States Marshall’s Service, and the Gainesville Police Department demonstrates that when our law enforcement agencies work together that criminals will be brought to justice.”

Guest concluded, “McGee and Walker will now have many long years in jail to think about their crimes and to be held accountable for their actions.”

Name: Kenyatta Antonio McGee
Date of Birth: February 12, 1984
Address: 2928 Lilly Street, Jackson, MS

Name: Olivia Mae “Libby” Walker
Date of Birth: March 16, 1982
Address: 2403 Colony Park, Pearl, MS