Two Career Criminals Convicted of Home Invasion in Madison’s Wendover Subdivision

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Thaddeus LaThomas Jarvis aka “NO” and Gregory Ponell Trigg aka “Lucky”, were convicted of Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, House Burglary and Conspiracy.

Trigg pled guilty and was sentenced to serve 30 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.  Jarvis was found guilty following a two-day trial and was sentenced to serve 35 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.  The sentences imposed in both cases will be served day-for-day without the possibility of probation, parole or early release.

On September 12, 2016, the Ridgeland Police Department responded to the Wendover Subdivision after receiving a 911 call regarding a home invasion.  Law enforcement spoke with the homeowners and learned that two mask-wearing males burst into their home and held them at gunpoint.  Once inside the home, the two gunmen stole a large amount of cash and jewelry and fled the subdivision in a white Infiniti.

Investigators, through the use of video surveillance, were able to track the Infiniti to the Extended Stay Hotel in Jackson.  At the hotel, officers discovered that the driver, later identified as Jarvis, had rented a room and that Trigg had been staying with him.  Officers also learned that the white Infiniti had been reported stolen the week prior from Pearl.  Law enforcement then began checking social media accounts for Jarvis and Trigg and found where both defendants had posted photographs of themselves with the white Infiniti, brandishing pistols and wearing the stolen jewelry.

Arrest warrants for Jarvis and Trigg were issued and both defendants were arrested several days later.  Following the arrest of Trigg, he agreed to speak with police and confessed to the home invasion.  Jarvis was also questioned and he admitted only to possessing the stolen jewelry.

Guest stated, “These are two violent criminals who terrorized an elderly couple for no reason other than their own greed.  Because of the efforts of the Ridgeland Police Department and their exemplary investigative work, these criminals will now spend the better part of their lives behind bars.”

Guest concluded, “Jarvis and Trigg are both career habitual offenders.  Trigg has eight prior felonies that include numerous property offenses and a conviction for aggravated assault, while Jarvis has been convicted on felony offenses twice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  These convictions and sentences will help make the entire metro-area safer from two individuals who have exhibited a life-long pattern of failing to obey the law.”

District Attorney Michael Guest was sworn into office in January 2008 and represents the Twentieth Judicial District, Madison and Rankin Counties.  For more information regarding the District Attorney’s office, follow us on Facebook, download our app or please visit


Name:                          Thaddeus LaThomas Jarvis

Address:                       2158 Vickers Drive, Baton Rouge

Date of Birth:               June 23, 1984


Name:                          Gregory Ponell Trigg

Address:                       130 Trigg Cove, Pearl, Mississippi

Date of Birth:               December 29, 1978