Rankin County Man Sentenced to Life Plus 30 Years for Murder and Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Robert Michael Busby pled guilty to first degree murder and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and was sentenced to serve life plus 30 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

On October 5, 2015, the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department responded to a 911 call regarding a shooting that had occurred at 125 Carol Avenue in Florence. When the police arrived they secured the residence and located the victim in the dining room. An examination of the body determined she had been shot once in the head.

Law enforcement interviewed Busby’s wife regarding the murder. She explained that she was at work when the decedent contacted her letting her know that her husband was passed out on the floor due to alcohol and their children were in the house. Busby’s wife left work and when she arrived at home she saw her husband had awaken and was in the front yard where alcohol was present.

The two started to argue and the eventual victim came outside to separate the two. Busby’s wife told her children to get into her car while she went inside with her husband and the eventual victim. Busby went into a bedroom and got a shotgun and shot the victim in the head. His wife ran out of the house and got into her car to leave the scene for the safety of herself and children. She drove to the Richland Police Department to report what had transpired. Busby went inside the home where he collected his belongings and an additional gun and he then left the residence.

The Florence Police Department saw Busby’s car on Highway 49 and a pursuit ensued. As Busby was driving, he started shooting at the pursuing officers. Busby was travelling at a high rate of speed and endangering the public as he attempted to flee from law enforcement. Busby eventually stopped his vehicle, but would not obey law enforcement commands and reached inside his vehicle for a gun and Busby was then shot by law enforcement. His wounds were not life threating. However, he was transported to The University of Mississippi Medical Center for treatment.

While at the hospital, Busby admitted to the crime to law enforcement confirming his wife’s statement.

Guest stated, “This is a senseless murder that has resulted in the complete destruction of this family. The victim was a loving grandmother who was killed in front of her grandchildren for trying to protect her daughter from a drunk and abusive individual. How do you explain to these children what happened to their grandmother? It is a conversation that should never have to be held.”

Guest added, “Law enforcement did an outstanding job in bringing to justice a dangerous individual. The cooperation between the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, Florence Police Department and Richland Police Department has allowed us to capture and to remove a killer from our streets before he could harm anyone else. I cannot thank Sheriff Bailey and law enforcement enough for placing themselves in harm’s way to protect us from the Robert Busby’s of the world.”

District Attorney Michael Guest was sworn into office in January 2008 and represents the Twentieth Judicial District, Madison and Rankin Counties. For more information regarding the District Attorney’s office, please visit www.daguest.com.


Name: Robert Michael Busby

Address: 125 Carol Avenue, Richland

Date of Birth: July 7, 1987