Rankin County Man Convicted of Attempted Murder for Shooting of Neighbor

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Richard Moody pled guilty to attempted murder and was sentenced to 40 years in custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. The last twelve years of the sentence was suspended.

In the early morning hours of July 4, 2013, the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department responded to 144 Oak Street after a 911 call reported a shooting at the home. When officers arrived they entered the house and found the victim lying on the living room floor. The victim was in critical condition after suffering a gunshot wound to the left side of his face.

Deputies spoke to the victim’s girlfriend who was present at the time of the shooting. She told officers that she was asleep when she heard someone banging at the door of the residence. She then went down stairs and recognized Moody and let him in. Once in the house Moody pulled out a gun and fired two shots at the victim as he was lying on the couch. The second shot struck the victim in the face. She then fled to a neighbor’s house and called 911.

After learning that Moody was responsible officer went to his residence and placed him under arrest. Law enforcement recovered the weapon and performed a gun-shot residue test on Moody. Moody was advised of his rights and admitted to shooting the victim. Moody told officers that he and the victim had an altercation earlier in the day at the grocery store, and that the victim had threatened to shoot Moody’s dogs. After the altercation Moody then went home and began to drink. Moody stated that the more he drank the angrier he became, and that he decided to confront the victim. He armed himself with a .22 caliber pistol and went to the victim’s home where he fired two shots, one of which struck the victim.

Guest stated, “In my many years of prosecuting I do not think I have seen a more senseless act of violence. Moody’s sole reason for confronting the victim was because of threats made to harm his dogs. Moody’s anger and intoxication led to go the victim’s house and shoot the victim as he lay defenseless on his couch. The actions of Moody are indefensible and inexcusable.”

Guest concluded, “Moody’s actions show that he is a danger to others and the public deserve to be protected from him. Moody attempted to take the life of another and would have been successful if not for the work of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department and other first responders.”

Name: Richard Dan Moody
Date of Birth: July 27, 1963
Address: 157 Maple Street, Florence