Morton Man Receives 20-Year Sentence for Conspiracy to Commit Murder

For Immediate Release
September 24, 2009
For more information, please contact
Michael Guest at (601) 825-1472

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Corey Amos received a 20-year sentence for conspiring to commit murder. None of his sentence was suspended.

On April 10, 2009, the Brandon Police Department responded to a shooting and found Ricky Harvey, an 18 year old Brandon High School student, lying on the ground beside his bicycle. An ambulance was called and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

During the investigation, law enforcement officials interviewed several individuals and determined that Amos and his co-defendants had been arguing earlier in the day with Harvey. The three defendants left Brandon and went back to Morton and retrieved a firearm. They then drove back to Brandon where they found Harvey on the sidewalk working on his bike. A backseat passenger rolled down the window of the car and shot Harvey, killing him.

Investigators found several .22 caliber casings at the scene and within days had arrested Amos and his co-defendants. Amos admitted to being in the car at the time of the shooting.

Guest stated, “Even though Corey Amos did not fire the shot that killed the victim he shares the legal responsibility for the death of Ricky Harvey, a high school senior. He was part of the planning and the implementation of a sequence of events that led to the death of the victim.”

Guest added, “Because of his role in the death of Ricky Harvey, Amos will now spend the next 20 years in the state penitentiary.”

Guest concluded, “The Brandon Police Department conducted a very professional and comprehensive investigation. The public should be very proud of the work they do protecting us on a daily basis.”

The cases regarding Amos’ co-defendants are still pending.