Man Who Raped Elderly Woman to Enter Open Plea: Sentencing Scheduled for next Monday

For Immediate Release
August 5, 2008
For more information, please contact
Michael Guest at (601) 825-1472

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Kirby Shavers entered an open plea in Rankin County Circuit Court late today for raping an elderly woman, kidnapping, burglary, grand larceny and aggravated assault.

In August 2007, Shavers entered the victim’s home through a window, placed a knife to her grandson’s throat, bound his hands and feet with cords and placed a pillow case over his eyes and mouth. Shavers then entered his elderly women’s room where he repeatedly raped and beat her. Shavers also stole money, a rifle and the victim’s car.

The Rankin County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the scene of the crime where a comprehensive investigation began. Investigators interviewed the victims and collected physical evidence that included a rape kit. The victims were able to give law enforcement officials a description of the man who had committed the crimes that included the clothing he was wearing when he entered the home.

Later that evening, the Jackson Police Department contacted the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department to inform them that the stolen car had been found. Two eyewitnesses indentified Shavers as the person who abandoned the car. The shirt Shavers was wearing was recovered on the ground outside of the car. The shirt had the name Kirby Shavers sown on the inside of the shirt. The victim’s grandson was able to identify the clothing as Shavers’ and also picked him out of a photo lineup.

At the time of his arrest Shavers had the key to the victim’s car in his pocket. Blood was drawn from the defendant pursuant to a search warrant to compare to DNA samples obtained from the rape kit. DNA confirmed that Shavers raped the elderly woman. DNA also confirmed that blood found on the inside zipper area of Shavers’ pants was the victim’s.

Guest stated, “Kirby Shavers will never harm anyone else. This is one of the most horrific crimes that I have seen, and it deserves the harshest penalty the law allows.”

Guest added, “We will continue to aggressively prosecute anyone that will prey upon our children and our seniors. Because of the outstanding work of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department we have been able to remove a sexual predator from the streets of Rankin County. I hope that this case will serve as a message to others that we will not allow our communities to be overrun by criminals.”

Prior to this case, Shavers was previously convicted of grand larceny in 1982 and escape in 1988. Shavers’ faces a maximum sentence of one day short of his life expectancy plus 85 years.