Man Who Exchanged Gunfire during a Ridgeland Robbery Receives 60-Year Sentence

For Immediate Release
September 15, 2008
For more information, please contact
Michael Guest at (601) 825-1472

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Peter Grossley was sentenced to 60 years today by Circuit Court Judge Samac Richardson in Madison County for armed robbery and aggravated assault involving a Ridgeland liquor store on July 25, 2007. Twenty nine years will be suspended. Grossley will be required to serve 30 years without the possibility of parole.

Guest stated, “Peter Grossley’s crimes significantly threatened the life of the victim and the general public, but for the grace of God, no one was injured. Grossley will now spend a substantial amount of the remainder of his life behind bars.”

Guest concluded, “The jury, who after two days of hearing testimony, concluded that Peter Grossley should be held accountable for his actions. Hopefully, their verdict will send a strong message to those who commit crimes in Madison County that they are not welcome.”

Case History:

Grossley and his co-defendants drove up to the liquor store and got out of a sedan with guns and started toward to the door. The victim saw the defendants approaching, and as they entered the store, the victim fired a shot in self defense. As Grossley retreated, he fired several shots into the business, striking the glass partition.
A co-defendant, Thomas Moore, testified in court that Grossley helped organize the armed robbery and that he was the individual who fired multiple times at the victim.

The Ridgeland Police Department was called to the scene to investigate and, through the victim, was able to get a description of the vehicle that was used during the crime. They were also able to determine that both defendants were wearing bandannas during the crime in an attempt to conceal their identity.

The Ridgeland Police Department began a search for the vehicle and determined that it was a rental car that had not been returned. The rental agreement provided the name and address of the person who rented the car, Thomas Moore. Moore was questioned by law enforcement and admitted to having rented the car used in the robbery.

The Ridgeland Police Department prepared a photo line-up of Moore and other individuals wearing bandanas, and the victim, without hesitation, identified Moore as one of the individual involved in the robbery.

Moore was arrested and agreed to cooperate with law enforcement. Based upon his cooperation, Grossley and another codefendant were arrested in connection with the robbery. Moore later pled guilty and testified against Grossley in court.