Home and Automobile Burglar Receives 60 Year Prison Sentence

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Gregory Tyler Moore was sentenced to serve 60 years after pleading guilty to a series of home and automobile burglaries that occurred in 2012. The last 10 years of the sentence was suspended and Moore will be placed on probation after he has completed the service of the first 50 years of the sentence.

From January 2012 until December 2012 Moore broke into dozens of vehicles and several homes throughout Rankin County. Deputies from the Sheriff’s Department were able to develop Moore as a suspect after he and another individual attempted to sell a stolen Wii gaming console. A search of Moore’s home revealed the clothes a witness had reported that the defendant had worn at one of the burglaries. Also recovered from the residence was property taken from one of the previous burglaries.

Moore was not present when search warrant was executed and law enforcement discovered he had fled to Louisiana to avoid being captured. Moore’s family agreed to bring Moore back to Rankin County to meet with investigators. Moore returned to Brandon but fled from the vehicle in which he was traveling in as the vehicle neared the Sheriff’s Department. A manhunt was conducted in the area in which Moore had fled on foot and he was later arrested by Rankin County Sheriff deputies and the Brandon Police Department officers.

Moore was interviewed and he admitted to breaking into cars and homes throughout Rankin County. Moore stated he would take the stolen property to Jackson where he would sell the items or trade them for narcotics.

Guest stated, “This arrest is an example of the effects that drugs have on our community. Drugs are the number one reason that crimes occur in our society today. Moore was both a drug addict and a thief who had no problem supporting his drug habit off the backs of hard working citizens.”

Guest added, “Moore’s sentence reflects the nature and more importantly the number of crimes he committed throughout the county. I believe that our criminal justice system must provide strong sentences to those who break our laws in hopes of sending a message and preventing future criminal activity.”

Guest concluded, “I want to commend Sheriff Bryan Bailey and his department for their outstanding work on these cases Sheriff Bailey and other law enforcement officials, work tirelessly to protect our homes and our property by putting law breakers in jail and taking them off our streets.”

Name: Gregory Tyler Moore
Date of Birth: 01/26/1992
Address: 249 Magnolia Trail, Brandon