Four Defendants Involved in Counterfeiting Ring Receive 20 Year Sentences for Racketeering

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Tonnie Carroll, Brenda Cross, Sylvester Anderson and Andre McClain pled guilty to Racketeering for their involvement in a counterfeiting ring that was operating in the metro area.  Each defendant was sentenced to serve a term of 20 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

In August of 2015, the Madison Police Department began an investigation into a ring of individuals that were passing counterfeit United States currency to retail establishments in Madison.  The members of the group would purchases items with counterfeit money and later return the items for a refund in order to receive authentic currency.

The Madison Police Department was able to obtain video of two of the individuals passing the bills and put the information out through media outlets hoping someone could help identify the suspects.  After the information was released, Crime Stoppers received a call that identified both Carrol and Cross, who resided in Itta Bena, as the individuals in the video.

Investigators at the Madison Police Department contacted the Leflore County Sheriff’s Department and were able to confirm the identity of Carrol and Cross and were also able to identify a third suspect involved as being Anderson.

Warrants were issued for the arrest of all three suspects.  After their arrest, law enforcement officers spoke with Carroll and Cross and both admitted to passing counterfeit money in Madison, Canton and Jackson.  They also identified McClain as the ringleader and as the person who had printed the money.  A warrant was issued for McClain’s arrest and he was later apprehended in Indianapolis.

Guest stated, “I am proud of the work by the Madison Police Department that led to the dismantling of a counterfeiting ring that was targeting businesses in Madison and Hinds Counties.  I want to thank the Leflore County Sheriff’s Department for their assistance in helping us identify and apprehend several suspects in our case.  These convictions are yet another example of what can be accomplished when law enforcement agencies work together.”

Guest added, “The convictions for racketeering would have not been possible without Crime Stoppers.  Crime Stoppers is an outstanding organization that is dedicated to assisting law enforcement in the investigation and apprehension of criminal suspects.  The involvement of the media, Crime Stoppers and the public led to the information needed to identify, arrest and prosecute these four defendants.”

Guest concluded, “The defendants were indicted for racketeering after evidence was presented that they acted in conjunction with one another to engage in a series of illegal acts to defraud the business community in our area.  I hope that the convictions and sentences will serve as a deterrent to others that may consider preying on the businesses or citizens of Madison County.”

District Attorney Michael Guest was sworn into office in January 2008 and represents the Twentieth Judicial District, Madison and Rankin Counties.  For more information regarding the District Attorney’s office, follow us on Facebook, download our app or please visit



Name:                          Tonnie Carroll

Address:                       224 Lincoln Street, Itta Bena

Date of Birth:               December 19, 1967


Name:                          Brenda Cross

Address:                       224 Lincoln Street, Itta Bena

Date of Birth:               December 24, 1974


Name:                          Sylvester Anderson

Address:                       209 Roosevelt Street, Itta Bena

Date of Birth:               August 31, 1977


Name:                          Andre McClain

Address:                       2728 Sharon Lane, Greenville

Date of Birth:               December 18, 1975