Former Alderman Candidate Sentenced to Five Years for Voter Fraud

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Cobby Williams was sentenced to five (5) years in prison for his participation in knowingly registering a convicted felon to vote.

In May, 2013, the City of Canton was conducting the Municipal elections for Mayor and Aldermen.  Williams was a candidate for one of the Alderman posts.  He had previously been a candidate for Congress in Mississippi’s Second District in 2012.

Prior to the election, in March, 2013, Williams went to the home of Pamela Walker (“Walker”) with the intent of registering her to vote in the May election.  Pamela Walker had previous felony convictions for False Pretense, Uttering a Forgery, and Identity Theft, all of which are disenfranchising crimes.

Walker informed Williams she was a convicted felon and not eligible to vote.  Despite knowing this, Williams insisted Walker fill out voter registrations forms.  Williams took the forms and turned them in to the Madison County Circuit Clerk’s Office for the registration of Walker.

It was quickly discovered by the Circuit Clerk that Walker was a convicted felon and not eligible to vote.  The District Attorney’s Office began an immediate investigation. Upon questioning, Walker admitted she filled out the forms but they were turned in by Williams.  Subsequent investigation confirmed Williams had turned in the forms, knowing full well Walker was not eligible to vote, in violation of §23-15-17, False Registration of Another.

“The crime was Mr. Williams knew Ms. Walker was not eligible to vote and still attempted to register her to vote by turning in the forms to the Circuit Clerk”, stated Guest.

A Madison County Grand Jury indicted Williams in October, 2013, charging him with one (1) count of voter fraud, carrying a maximum of five (5) years in prison.  Williams pled Guilty to the crime and was sentenced to five years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections, suspended, with five years of Supervised Probation.

Guest stated, “Electoral fraud can reduce voters’ confidence in democracy and we will always prosecute those who try to illegally manipulate an outcome of an election.  Even the perception of fraud can be damaging as it makes people less inclined to accept election results and fosters mistrust in our system.”

Guest concluded, “It does not matter if you are a current holder of political office, a candidate for office, or a voter, we will prosecute anyone who violates the statutes pertaining to voter fraud.  I would personally like to thank Assistant District Attorney Bryan Buckley for his hard work on these extremely important cases.”

Since 2010, the District Attorney has obtained seven (7) convictions for voter fraud as a result of these investigations.

Name: Cobby M. Williams
Address: 331 Dobson Avenue, Canton, MS
Date of Birth: July 31, 1976</div>