Cocaine Trafficker Receives 60 Year Sentence

For Immediate Release
December 29, 2008
For more information, please contact
Michael Guest at (601) 825-1472

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that David Trejo was sentenced to 60 years by Circuit Court Judge Samac Richardson in Madison County for possession of more than two kilos of cocaine, which has a street value of $50,000.00.

Trejo was sentenced as a subsequent drug offender and also as a habitual offender requiring him to serve every day of his 60-year sentence. Trejo was prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office and found guilty by a Madison County jury in April 2008.

Guest stated, “Cocaine is one of the most dangerous and most addictive drugs sold on our streets. Those who supply these drugs are some of the worst offenders because of the negative impact that drugs have on our society. Drugs are at the root of many of the crimes that we see in the District Attorney’s office, so I am proud that we were able to remove a drug dealer from our society for six decades.”

Guest concluded, “David Trejo is a drug dealer who was working to put cocaine on our streets, poisoning our society. However, working with law enforcement, we were able to prevent him from destroying the lives of others.”

During a routine traffic stop, a Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy asked David Trejo for his license, noticing that Trejo and his passenger were acting nervous. The Deputy also noticed a strong odor of air freshener.

The Deputy went back to his car and called in the driver’s license number and learned that Trejo had previously been arrested for possession of marijuana and also for possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. The Deputy then requested a search of Trejo’s car, which Trejo denied.

The Deputy advised both Trejo and the passenger that he would run a K9 unit around the car and both passengers would have to exit the vehicle.

When the Deputy approached Trejo’s passenger, she turned away from him. The Deputy asked her to turn in his direction. When she did, the deputy saw what was ultimately determined to be four bricks of cocaine under her shirt. Trejo told the deputy that the cocaine was his.