Madison County’s Top 12 Most Wanted

David Cage

Sale of Marijuana While in Possession of a Firearm and Felon in Possession of a Firearm

DOB 05/25/1980
726 Lawrence Road
Jackson, MS

Derrick Geralds

Possession of Cocaine and Sale of a Counterfeit Substance

DOB 12/25/1978
5115 Old Canton Rd #D8
Jackson, MS

Cleo Banks

Possession of Marijuana w/Intent; Conspiracy to Possess Marijuana

DOB 09/18/1988
151 McDonald Rd.
Madison, MS

Kofi Devine

Sale of Marijuana, Cospiracy to Sell Marijuana

DOB 09/29/71
140 King's Ranch Rd
Canton, MS 39046

Marvin Taylor

Grand Larceny

DOB 11/19/68
113 Addison Way
Canton, MS 39046

Napolean Williams

Business Burglary

DOB 04/05/62
930 W Franklin St
Canton, MS 39046

Kristopher Branch

Credit Card Fraud

DOB 3/21/77
4103 Hickory Hills Circle
Meridian, MS

Jason Dunn

Sexual Battery and Failure to Appear

DOB 3/5/73
1028 Elm St
Canton, MS

Rankin County’s Top 12 Most Wanted

Houston M Harrell

Business Burglary; Cons to Commit Business Burglary

DOB 12/23/1996
237 Circle Drive West
Brandon, MS

Denise A Collier

Possession of Controlled Sub

DOB 4/6/1990
3507 Bowers Street
Jackson, MS

Alan Lynn Thibodeaux

Domestic Aggravated Assault

DOB 5/30/1980
190 Briarhill Road
Florence, MS

Christopher Brian Dolan

Possession of Controlled Sub

DOB 3/21/1978
901 Popular Blvd
Jackson, MS

Richard Jason Bush

Malicious Mischief

DOB 9/27/1974
1250 Cleary Road
Florence, MS

Kristen Jamee Webb

Sale of Meth; Conspiracy To Sell Controlled Sub

DOB 2/27/1989
1361 Hickory Lane
Terry, MS

Eric Lamont Shinall

Business Burglary

DOB 12/13/1976
1924 Steel Creek Drive
Jackson, MS

Traci R Cooley


DOB 9/10/1970
210 Silver Lake
Pearl, MS

Deshaun D Grissom

Armed Robbery; Kidnapping

DOB 8/30/1990
1900 Baldwin Ferry
Vicksburg, MS

Zaria K Harris

FTA Burglary of Dwelling

DOB 3/6/1982
949 Atlanta Street
Pearl, MS

Author Pogue

Possession of Controlled Sub w/intent to Distribute

DOB 1/16/1969
5855 Canton Park Drive
Jackson, MS

Jiiony T Gardner

Possession of Controlled Sub – Cocaine

DOB 2/18/94
3569 Old Brandon Apt 40
Pearl, MS

DeShaun Donnell Grissom

Armed Robbery; Kidnapping

DOB 8/30/1990
1900 Baldwin Ferry
Vicksburg, MS

Marcus Ethan Garrett

FTA Gratification of Lust

Dob 8/3/1976
571 Bradford Drive
Brandon, MS

Zaria K Harris

FTA Burglary of Dwelling

DOB 3/6/82
949 Atlanta St
Pearl, MS

Roy Amobare

FTA Burglary of Dwelling

DOB 6/29/79
472 Brendalwood Drive
Brandon, MS

Nakia Mukelvene

Felony DUI

DOB 5/22/76
569 Day Road
Canton, MS

Linda Montgomery

Uttering Forgery

DOB 9/10/72
50 openwood Lane
Vicksburg, MS

Tom Houston Laney

Poss of Precursor Chemicals or Drugs

DOB 2/1/1972
709 Brown Street E
Brandon, MS

Paul Bryant McNeary

Possession Of Controlled Sub - Meth

DOB 08/09/1982
462 Maple Ave
Byram, MS

Jeremy Jerrod Eubanks

Sale of Marijuana

DOB 1/17/1990
337 Fannin Road
Flowood, MS

William Alvin Priscock Jr

Sale of Meth

2186 Cleary Road
Florence, MS

Quivari Jackson

Domestic Aggravated Assault

DOB 8/12/1972
931 Prestiage Lance
Pearl, MS

Dakara Shoto

Sale of Cocaine

DOB 01/13/1978
914 Perstiage Lane
Pearl, MS

Louis Joseph Guichet III

Possession of Controlled
Substance with Intent

DOB: 6/26/1965
114 Cumberland Road
Brandon, MS

Matthew Johnson

Armed Robbery

DOB: 1/26/84
175 Hunter Road
Lena, MS

Jeffery Elkins

Probation Violation and Armed Robbery

DOB 1/11/1971
1401 S. Frontage Road
Clinton, MS

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Violent Habitual Offender Receives Life without the Possibility of Parole

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today Fabiyonne Kentell Peel was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole after a jury found him guilty of house burglary, auto theft and conspiracy to commit burglary.  Peel is now in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.  Peel has past convictions and is a violent habitual offender.…read more →

Man Charged with Capital Murder in Hinds County Receives Maximum Sentence for Possessing Twenty Pounds of Marijuana

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Christopher Craig Bennett received the maximum sentence of 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to possessing twenty pounds of marijuana, found during a routine traffic stop around County Line Road in Ridgeland. Bennett is also facing a capital murder charge in Hinds County for the death of Chivas…read more →

Four Defendants Involved in Counterfeiting Ring Receive 20 Year Sentences for Racketeering

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that Tonnie Carroll, Brenda Cross, Sylvester Anderson and Andre McClain pled guilty to Racketeering for their involvement in a counterfeiting ring that was operating in the metro area.  Each defendant was sentenced to serve a term of 20 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. In August…read more →

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Spring 2013 E-Newsletter

Once again I want to thank you, the voters of Madison and Rankin counties, for the opportunity to serve you as District Attorney. It has been an honor and privilege to represent the citizens of the Twentieth Judicial District as we work together with law enforcement officials throughout the District to see that justice is served and that the residents of Madison and Rankin counties are provided with safe communities in which to live and raise a family…read more →

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